FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Miss Marie's Maids green cleaning more expensive than traditional cleaning companies?

No, our rates are the most competitive in all Houston.

Why use a Green house cleaning service instead of a traditional cleaning company?

The benefits of using a Green House cleaning service are outstanding. There are no toxic chemicals, no health risks, and no pollution. Green products ensure better air quality and clean and disinfect just as well or better than any traditional cleaning chemical product.

Why Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning helps to improve indoor air quality and is a healthier way to clean and maintain the environment where you live. Environmentally conscious cleaning products work better than traditional cleaners and are healthier for you, for the surfaces you clean and for the environment you live in. Using green cleaning products also lowers or eliminates the use of chemicals to treat water.

Additionally, traditional cleaning chemicals can endanger your health and often contain chemicals associated with cancer. Many release fumes into the air through evaporation affecting your home air quality, causing eye and skin irritations, aggravating chronic respiratory conditions and allergies.